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Discuss your Visitor Visa Refusal with an experienced Immigration Lawyer

Paul Vitti is an experienced Immigration Lawyer who has helped hundreds of clients with a previous refusal get approved.  Before deciding how to address your visitor visa refusal, it's important to speak to a professional who can assess the strength of your application to determine if you should reapply or appeal.  

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The Facts

Applying for a visitor visa sound simple. However, the truth is that visa officers refuse thousands of applicants every year because they did not show proof that eligibility requirements were met. 


In 2019, more than 35% of all visitor visa applications were refused.

Canada is a very attractive country and a lot of people will do anything to stay here, even if it means breaking immigration laws. It happens more often than you think and visa officers know this.


Most of the time, you need to go above & beyond the basic document checklist  to give yourself the best chances of approval. 

Remember, after every refusal your chances of approval decrease. If you are unsure why you were refused, don't make the mistake of submitting the same application again. 

Speak to an immigration professional who can help you understand why you were refused and how to make your application stronger so you can get approved next time.


How We Can Help

A lot of people are refused in their first attempt because they did not seek professional help and made a seemingly minor, though potentially critical mistake.


It is not just about obtaining the required documentation and submitting your application; you must go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

At Vitti Immigration Law PC, we are highly experienced with visitor visa applications.


We guide you through each step of the process to ensure you compile a strong and convincing application, giving you the best chances of success.  

About Vitti Immigration

The majority of Paul's professional career has been dedicated to the practice of immigration law. After law school, Paul articled at a criminal defense firm and practiced as an employment lawyer, representing employees with workplace issues such as human rights violations and wrongful termination. Paul then found immigration law and has since practiced with renowned firms in the Toronto area.
Paul is experienced with helping clients in a spousal sponsorships.

Here is what to expect when working with Paul:
  • Full Transparency & client Involvement
  • Building high-quality client relationships
  • Smooth and efficient process
  • Dealing exclusively with Paul throughout the entire process

Paul Vitti 
Founder & Principal Lawyer

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Experienced Immigration Lawyers delivering personalized solutions to help you navigate Canada's complex and ever-changing immigration system. 

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