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Application Reviews

Hire an Immigration Lawyer to review your application and provide detailed feedback before you submit.

Delivery time: 3 business days

CAD $900.00

How does it work?

Canadian immigration applications can be overwhelming and complex. With all the different forms and list of documents required, it can be easy to miss something. The last thing you want is to have your application refused or returned for being deemed incomplete. 

Whether you made a mistake in completing the forms, did not complete the forms properly, or provided an incorrect documentation, they can also lead to significant delays in processing your application. These delays can cause an emotional and financial toll on applicants. 

Having an professional lawyer review your application allows you to catch these potential issues and give you peace of mind that what you are submitting is a complete application that will give you the best chances of approval.


What's included?

Detailed review and feedback report

You will be provided a detailed report that help you address mistakes, omissions and missing documents.


Further, we provide you with advice and recommendations to improve any points of weakness and to strengthen the application. 


Meeting with immigration lawyer

Once you had a chance to review our feedback report, you have the opportunity to speak to the Immigration Lawyer who reviewed your file to go over any questions or concerns you have about the report. 


CAD $900.00

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